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Building Information Models (BIM) exist for all Marstair standard units. BIM utilises an intelligent 3D model to communicate model specific information in a way that can offer advantages in time, cost and accuracy.


Universal Cooling

Cement Works

Equipment: WM60 & MCU+60 with 5 fins per inch heat exchanger

Specified to: Universal Cooling

Date Specified: August 2017

Originally proposed to us by Universal Cooling, an air conditioning system for a cement works seems like a simple, relatively standard application. That was until we were made aware of the failings of previous equipment through the build-up of hard set cement and fine cement dust on surface of the heat exchanger. Unfortunately, this was an unavoidable problem due to the nature of the environment so we set our development team the challenge of modifying a standard unit to overcome this problem.

The result was the design of a new condensing coil with a reduced fin density of 5 fins per inch instead of the standard 12. This wider spacing allowed particles to pass through the heat exchanger with ease, maintaining the system’s cooling capabilities and increasing the longevity of the system

Commercial Waste Cooling

Portugal supermarket

Equipment: CX30 & CKC20 range of cellar cooler systems

Specified to: Cest, Portugal

Date Specified: 2016 -2018

Although originally designed for use in beer cellars, our CX Cellar Coolers, with it’s antibacterial chassis, have been identified as a solution to a growing problem: the storage of commercial waste. The objective is to prolong the decaying process by cooling the waste to a more suitable temperature. This is especially important in locations with high ambient conditions.

This innovative application has been spearheaded by our Portuguese distributor, Cest, and has been taken up by large supermarket retailers, like ALDI. Supermarkets produce high quantities of commercial waste from all aspects of day to day operations making it critical that waste is cooled to reduce decay and odour while maintaining acceptable levels of hygiene until the waste can be removed.


Conservation of pharmaceutical products

Equipment: CX30 & CKC20 range of cellar cooler systems exchanger

Specified to: Cest, Portugal

Date Specified: 2004

Through our Portuguese distributor, Cest, we were able to supply our cellar cooling equipment for use in preserving pharmaceutical products and proteins for use in critical care including haematology and immunotherapy.

The unique antimicrobial properties and ability to maintain temperatures down to 4°C make our CX range of cellar coolers ideal for a multitude of applications including the preservation of sensitive equipment. Able to resist the spread of bacteria thanks to embedded additives, the plastic one-pieced moulded chassis is ideal for environments where contamination is a risk.

Tan Hung General Hospital – Vietnam

Operating Theatres

Equipment: 15x MCU+200 & 8x MCU+180

Specified to: ATA Medical

Date Specified: June 2014

A joint project with France based distributor ATA Medical saw Marstair specifying air conditioning equipment for 23 operating theatres in Vietnam’s largest city of Ho Chí Minh City. We were tasked with supplying condensing units to help maintain the range of 18-24°C in the operating theatres ensuring both surgeon and patient were comfortable.

Via ATA, we supplied 23 condensing units, all to be externally mounted on the building several stories above the ground. The condensing units are still fully functional serving as a testament to our equipment’s robustness in high humidity and high ambient environments.

Ten Trinity Square

Wine storage

Equipment: CO2 Cassettes

Specified to: Green Cooling

Date Specified: May 2017

With environmental impact, efficiency and longevity in mind, Green Cooling approached Marstair in order to select suitable CO2 fan coils for use within the Ten Trinity Square project. The application was to provide wine storage at 12°C from a centralised CO2 refrigeration system.

Selecting from our range of CO2 evaporators we assisted in providing a number of CO2 cassettes to ensure the complete cooling of both the room and its contents. Our CO2 cassettes allowed for discreet operation and were compatible with the CO2 refrigeration system already specified for use within this high profile project.

Henry Moore Foundation

Archive Room Close Control

Equipment: CD3 010 & CD3 020 CW Configurable units

Specified to: Heronhill

Date Specified: February 2015

The Henry Moore foundation Archives present a unique challenge to the arena that is close control. Consisting of a range of spaces each with unique requirements, the Henry Moore Foundation preserves everything from original drawings to film negatives.

The most demanding room was the Negative Cold store archive requiring a maintained temperature of 7°C with low humidity fluctuations, not a problem for the versatile CD3. We supplied a combination of both DX and Chilled Water CD3 close control units ensuring tight tolerances in both temperature and relative humidity.