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Our products include split systems, refrigeration, low temperature cooling, close control and special engineering.

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About Us

Find out more about Marstair.

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marstair applications & solutions

Marstair refrigeration and air-conditioning products are specifically designed to suit a varied range of applications.


refrigeration products

Marstair has a wide portfolio of refrigeration products tailored to the needs of cold rooms, retail display cabinets and food preparation areas.

MRC+ Medium Temperature

MRC+LT Low Temperature

GreenHeat Heat recovery

DRC Ducted

600 & 875 Low temperature cassettes

Cellar Cooling

cellar cooling

Marstair continues to support the cellar cooling industry with new innovative products as it has done for decades. The revolutionary evaporator with its 1 piece moulded body is impregnated with an anti-bacterial additive, is incredibly light in weight and easy to install.

CX(E) R407C cellar cooling systems

CX(E)A R410A cellar cooling systems

Close Control

close control

Marstair offer an extensive range of small close control systems (4-20kW). These flexible systems are extensively used for storage room applications requiring close temperature and humidity control.

CD3 Close control systems

Marine Bespoke

marine, costal, harsh environments

Marstair condensing units are available with a wide variety of options for suitable for marine and other harsh environments.



High Ambient


low temperature, food preparation

Marstair have an extensive range of evaporators suitable for a variety of applications and refrigerants.

WM High Wall mounted

DXD Horizontal concealed ducted

600 & 875 Cassettes

DXT Wall and ceiling chassis units

DXT Wall and ceiling cased units

CO2 Evaporators

Ac Condensers

high temperature air conditioning units

Marstair high temperature condensing units are ideal for air handling unit applications or R22 replacements.

MCU+ Fully dressed High temperature condensing unit

DCU+ Ducted high temperature condensing unit

MHPUE Heat pump condensing

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